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Frank Rizzo II

Strategic Operations Manager


Frank is a native of the North Jersey area who has over 12 years of experience in the business world and over 8 years of law enforcement experience. 

His passion towards putting together business and public safety has brought together the passion for helping start Statewide Protective.  Over the course of his law enforcement career he has worked with the NJ State Humane Police, Drew University Campus Police and most recently the NYPD.  In the business world he has spent time with companies ranging from start-ups like and ServiceCore to fortune 1000 companies like Bank of America, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Gartner.


Why Statewide Protective?

"With the ever changing world, Statewide Protective has an opportunity to ensure that it's clients feel safe and comfortable.  Whether we're working at a home, private party, business park or apartment complex we strive to protect what is important to you, the client.  We wanted to bring private security to a new level of professionalism using a combination of customer service and law enforcement experience."

When Frank is not engaging in work related opportunities, he enjoys watching/playing sports, hanging out with friends and family and most importantly spending time with his wife, daughter and their dog Phoebe.

Connect with Frank via EMAIL.

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